About Us

Dream With Us

Empayar AwanBiru (SkyBlue Empire) was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs from various countries around the globe, creating ideas and solutions for a new generation of young people pursuing their dreams and discovering the world around them, living and contributing to their societies and expanding their knowledge of the world.

The company was founded earlier in 2015 and established in 2016. EAB is the first young entrepreneur company concept in east and southeast Asia. We are hoping to create as many opportunities as possible for the young generation in order to expand their horizons, making their travels unforgettable, enriching them for the future.


Creating opportunities for young entrepreneurs to develop their future.


Open the eyes of young, creative and talented people to new opportunities waiting on the horizon to be discovered.

The first young entrepreneurial leading world market demand.

We believe that young entrepreneurs can change the future. We develop ideas that can benefit both sides, making a difference for the young and the future generation.